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Released via Engineer Records.

The members of The World Concave crafted a “mini-album” of somber, thought-provoking songs, melodically gliding along an indie rock timeline. Although reminiscent of classic alternative/college rock, their debut 7-song CD, Harbor, is a memorable batch of songs, sounding non-contrived in the modern day. There’s a good amount of soul-bearing going on here, yet suspicions of over-earnestness are dowsed in exchange for thought provoking conversations amongst the subject matter. Alongside detailed percussion, dynamic guitars and melancholic piano, there’s enough going on here to call this heady music for the heavy hearted.

Though mostly written and recorded over the greater part of 2009/2010, there are ideas on Harbor that date back about 10 years, as members of The World Concave have been in and out of multi-genre based musical projects together for longer. From post-hardcore to eclectic instrumental jazz-rock, these musical projects are what added character to the more focused songwriting you’ll find here. The timing seemed right to finally assemble a band and pull these ideas together. Once the ball was rolling, the chemistry hit at an all time high and a set of moody alternative rock songs resulted fairly quick. Although various portions were realized in their individual homes, the band tracked the majority of Harbor at Portrait Recording Studios in Pompton Plains, NJ—a large three-floor barn turned state-of-the-art recording studio, which only added to the creative process.


released November 23, 2010

release 18 July 2011 (Europe/UK)
* * *
• Dan Nolan - Drums, Percussion, Laptop
• Erik McHugh - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
• Craig Cirinelli - Microphone, Acoustic Guitar [track 1], Sleigh Bells [track 5]
• Alf Bartone - Bass Guitar [tracks 2, 3], Midi [track 4], Additional Microphone [tracks 2, 4, 5, 6]
• Mark Cooper - Bass Guitar [tracks 1, 5, 6, 7]

-with guests-
• Bob McHugh - Piano, Additional Keys [tracks 1, 3, 6, 7]
• Alexandra Ausman - Additional Microphone [track 3]

* * *

• All songs Produced by The World Concave and Chris Badami.
• Engineered and Mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ and Dan Nolan via laptop at various locations.

NOTE: "Jehovah's Witness Protection Program" is also available on 'In Case Of Evacuation', a FREE double-album length-digital compilation by Exploding In Sound. Other tracks by Crippled Black Phoenix, Wintersleep, Open Hand, Old Canes, The Twilight Sad, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Actors & Actresses, Digital Homicide, Maps & Atlases and more...check out the full details and download page here:

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The World Concave New Jersey

The World Concave write songs heavy in mood, not force, melodically gliding along an indie rock time line. They have a penchant for memorable, non-contrived dynamic songs with a good amount of soul-bearing going on. Suspicions of over-earnestness are dowsed in exchange for thought provoking conversations. There’s enough going on dynamically to call their style "heady music for the heavy hearted." ... more

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